7 Jan 2012

The Quiet Before The Storm

Back from new year, and suddenly my office is jam-packed with empty desks, and a lack of any Christmas chocolates. January is a typical time for Ph.D students to finish, so to be fair I knew it was coming, but it was still eerily quiet. On the plus side, a nice, shiny new desk for me! 

I now have the luxury of facing the people who enter into our office. There is definitely something to be said for seeing the face of your tormentor before they see your computer screen filled with everything but work.

It is not just my quiet office that is lingering in the air though. Next Friday marks my last chance of getting any data to analyse for my Ph.D. After January, MAST gets shut down until the next campaign in November. As my supervisor nicely put it, I don't want to even consider MAST breaking down before Friday ...

So far, my attempted experiments have been hit by a number of troubles; a water leak in one of the neutral beams a network error to name a few. A lot of people have been saying, well, it's not your fault though that it's not gone right so far. Technically that is true, but sadly that makes no difference to the people that hand out Ph.Ds.

It's a difficult situation to be in when the fate of your Ph.D lies in the hands of factors you can't have any control of. Never mind, if it all goes Pete Tong it's only a Ph.D after all.

If you don't hear from me after Friday,  don't let any of this put off all you potential Ph.D students, it's a barrel of laughs really ...


  1. Oh yeah, fun ALL the time. Never trouble :P

    January is supposed to be our slow time as well but EVERYONE has decided to stuff my mailbox with sheets and sheets of data, last minute papers, and other evidence of excuses. Then, I wonder, where my sneaky excuse making skills have gone! I think they go off and die in graduate school. Maybe all of those excuse skills turn into advanced procrastination or caffeine tolerance? Or maybe it's the excellent grooming that turns into caffeine tolerance? At any rate, good luck new PhDs! :)

  2. I'm not sure if my excuse skills have stayed with me. I've been trying to convince people that the first week back from any holiday is never productive. It's just fact :-)

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